Hi and welcome to Kuggköping!

Kuggköping aim to be a skirmish game set in the wonderful and mystic city of Kuggköping with an evolving and expanding story created and developed by me Fredrik.

The vision for the game is that it will be a mix of free to play and community driven game. The digital version should always be free to down load with all future edition availed to the public always, as long as the game have a digital platform. Hopes is that at some point in the future Kuggköping can be available in a hardback book, in limited print runs or print on demand. Even further into the future maybe down loadable 3D models of characters and terrain can be available for 3d printing.

From the very beginning Kuggköping was designed to be a quick and easy skirmish game. Where the game will end up is up to all of us, the community. It may evolve in any direction. Everything from small and simple to large and crunchy. A pickup game or a game with a heavy campaign focus. Maybe all the above.

Feel free to download the game and play it as much as you like. Share it with friends, create and show off your warbands. Contribute and send feedback, wish lists, share photos or ideas.

Anyone that contribute to the games mechanics or to the story will always have its credits shown with this game. Here you will not only be heard but also be remembered.

For obvious reasons not every feedback or story can change the game, but it will all be heard, and it will be discussed. If an idea will not be accepted you will know about it and you will know why, so changes can be made to the proposal or so you can state your case on why this change is important.

I hope you will like Kuggköping and I hope you will stay within its walls.

Best Regards // Fredrik

Game credits

Creator of origin:

Fredrik Permo


Emilie Stein

Petter Tillström