Game campaign and districts

So this will be my first blog post on this development and news blog about Kuggköping. What is in the works, what is the future plans.

The first thing I want to add is a campaign system to Kuggköping. I love campaigns, collecting of loot and progression of your warband. It is also nice way to add new lore to the game.

The campaign will have a basic default system that is always in place. But on top of that there will be an additional added layer for the district you are campaigning in. Each district will have its theme, loot and extras to make each district slightly different from each other.

Every new gate that is opened will lead to a new district and with that a new story and some extra rules and loot for that district.

I have a basic idea of how the rules will be laid out and the beginning of the work have begun. Hopefully, not in a very distant future the campaign system will be in place.