Watercolors. Landscape art.

 Here is a collection of different paintings, done over the beginning of this year.

I see this more as tests and practice but some of them turned out quite ok :) .

The weird. Dark art. Snail man.

One more lovely and odd creation :) . Trying different techniques. This time with an inc outline of the creature. I think it looks good, but I think I would prefer going without an darker outline in the future. I feel that you get a somewhat cartoony feeling this way. Cartoony is nothing bad to be honest, but I would like to strive forward something a little more unsettling :) .


Prototyp-1. Grimdark art. Apocalypse

The start of a new project. Time to do some art son! 

You could say I am home again and it is here I will stay. To rediscover your inner passion is a truly remarkable thing. I was out in the world looking for something and I found it right where I left it. Any way. This is a journey with no defined goal or end station. It is simply a ride. Hope you will enjoy it for what it is!

Welcome and enjoy!