Killteam. Exorcists. Part1.

Even if I only have played killteam three times I am quite hooked on the game. I like the fact that it is quick to play but still gives you a dose of grime dark. 

It is also a wonderful platform to create custom Killteams and explore color schemes and army’s you normally would not experience.  

This is one of these projects. I like the lore and background for the space marine chapter, the exorcists but I would never create a full on army. 

killteam allow me to get a taste :) . 

Still very much work in progress. I will run them with grey knights rules. I think that works well for this chapter. 


Horus Heresy. Word Bearers. Warhammer 40k art.

I made some sort of a tribute to the magnificent word bearers legion. Just for fun 🙂 . I had so much fun making the previous picture that I decided to make another one. It felt really nice taking out my miniatures for a custom photo shoot. Might do another one, I really enjoyed this.

The picture is a composition between real life miniatures that I painted, photos I took and added my own painting and drawings on top. All made in photoshop. And composed by me.


Here is the original photo. 


Horus Heresy event. Battle of Hive City.

The next installment of the events at the “AJAX system” will take place 4-6 Jan 2019 in Växjö, Sweden.

I hope many will and can attend this event.

For more information search after: Battle of Hive City - An Ajax Campaign event, on Facebook. 

Or visit our website: . 


Similar to last event I was honored to make the front art for the event. And for fun I thought I could share the full picture and the “original” photo it was based on.

Basicly I set up my gaming table, added some of my models, snapped some photos and photoshopped the rest. Super fun little project and such a privilege to get to do this for the event.


Mechanicum army. Legio Cybernetica.

Here we have to whole family. As the proud father that I am, I look forward to the future and all the great adventures we will have.

The army might not look so impressive and it might be hard to understand why it have taken as long as five years to collect and build it. But as this have been a hobby within the hobby project it has been something I have invested time and money in the few occasions I have had this to spare.

I feel very happy and I am looking forward to playing it.


Mechanicum. Thallax. Part2.

After five years of collecting, parallel to my other armies, I have finally completed the force I set out to build.

This feels great! I now have 3000-3500p of Mechanicum fully painted.

But like most things in this hobby enough is never enough. And I am all ready thinking about how I want to expand the army.

I will however enjoy this feeling for little longer, Saver the grand taste of competition and bask in the glory. 

I also want to put my army on the table and roll some dice. 

Family portrait is coming soon. 



Horus Heresy. Mechanicum. Thanatar Conversion. Part4. Done!

So, here we are. As always you can always do more, add more details, push a little further. You can of course also do to much. But I feel pretty happy about it right now. 

The final steps is nothing to crazy. Add some highlights with a very light silver color. Paint the “glow” effect in the plasma mortar. Weather and add basing.  

I feel that you can come a long way with just regular spray cans, ordinary paint, washes and simple brushes :) .


Horus Heresy. Mechanicum. Thanatar Conversion. Part3.

Next part in the painting process. The first step was to push back some of the rust. I thought it was a little too much in some places. It is real easy, basically dry brush the area you want to push back. In this case it used metal/silver.

A tip is to never do all your work in one day unless you have done the same process multiple times. Stepping away for a while and come back often reveal stuff you initially liked but now want to modify. 




After this it was time for some actual painting. I have seen some photos of old rusty and abandoned tractors in blue Lately and kind of like the contrast between the corrosion and the blue colors. So blue it is.

 I also what the colors to look weathered, shipped and old. 

To achieve something like that I painted the colors in blocks. More or less just dabbing the color on to the surface. 

First a light blue and after that a darker blue.  


After painting all areas I wanted blue I washed the blue areas in agrax earthshade. 


The last thing I managed to do in this step, was to paint some of the censors and added some nihilakh oxide to some of the copper parts and pushing the oxide back with a thin layer nuln oil. 


That’s it for now :) . 

Horus Heresy. Mechanicum. Thanatar Conversion. Part2.

So, I thought I could break down  the painting process for this conversion. Maybe it can inspire someone or give some ideas.

The process is quite simple. The first base coat is black spray followed by a red/brown spray. 



After the base coat I dry brushed leadbelcher, added some details with runelord brass and washed it all in nuln oil. 



Once the model was dry I added rust using raza rust, nuln oil and seraphim sepia.



Now, this is just the beginning of what will be the foundation. On top of this I will add some other colors. At the moment I am thinking of blue but I have not decided yet.

Horus Heresy. Mechanicum. Thanatar Conversion. Part1.

A few months ago I got a half Thanatar from a friend.

He had first been thinking of using the parts for basing materials but gave them to me, thinking I would have more use of it. 

It have been sitting there on the table in parts, starting at me, beginning me to do something with it. 

So, I finally did.  

This is still very much a work in progress. For example I am still looking for a good replacement for the mauler bolt cannon. 



Killteam 40k. Skitarii conversion. Militia 30k.

I am continuing my killteam project as well as my militia project. 

Combining more or less three different 40k kits and a bunch of random spear parts.

Initially these models will be used for killteam. But I do plan on having these guys for 30k as well. Of course there numbers have to grow and considering how long they take to build I guess it will take a long time before they form any kind of proper army. 

However I have so much fun building these guys, so I am mostly looking forward to make more. 

Now I have a couple of days to work on these before Adeptus Titanicus arrives to my doorstep. This is also something I have been waiting for, for a long time. So much fun projects on the horizon. It seems too be a great ending on the summer and an awesome start to this fall.


Epic Armageddon. Iron Warriors.

So this is were I will pause the army. There is still a lot I would like to do but there is to many projects I want to start working on. 

Everthing is painted to an ok standard and everything have been based.  

 I still want to add more hazard stripes, make all bases more coherent, add highlights and fix details. But the army is far enough to put on the table. 

Time to move on to the next project for a while.


Epic armageddon. Epic Iron warriors.

So next up on my painting table is an epic army!

Back when I first started playing 40k there was this other game that was realest. Epic 40k was the name and as a kid I dreamed of assembling my own epic army and play battles like in all the 40k artwork. 

But back then as a young lad I could never find the money to start a second game system. 

So some 20 years later I find my self in a position to actually start playing this small large scale war game.

A month or so ago one guy started to talk about epic in my local gaming group. He had some epic models and wanted to start playing. Some other guys joined in and now they have been playing a few times.

Added to this there have been talk about adding epic to the venue of some of the Horus Heresy events here in Sweden.  

So with all that going on I could not resist any longer. 

I went out hunting for my very own epic army. 

And now it have arrived at my doorstep.  

I will of course paint them up as iron Warriors (what else is there) but I will run them as normal space marines.  And the fact that one of my friends will be making an imperial guard army with focus on tanks, I am certain well will see a Horus Heresy, Tallarn battle report :D .

Time to start painting!

This will be sooo epic ;) . 


Horus Heresy. World Eaters. Tactical squad.

Finally done with these guys. I felt like I hit the wall there for a moment and it seemed like I would never finish them. But today is the day when they stand ready. I still need to add the chain axes but I feel I can have a small celebration before they are 100% done :) . 


This time I tried “blood by the blood god” from GW to make the blood effect. Simply loading a toothbrush with some paint and “shower” the models in blood. Afterward going over the splatter with a brush and fixing blobs and so on. I quite like the finish. Easy to do and nice end result.


Horus Heresy event. Iron Warriors. AJAX.

So last weekend I attend the new Swedish 30k event, AJAX.

I had a blast comanding my “iron cybernetics”.

I played 5 games in total. I won 1, lost 3 and tied 1.

Sadly the result don’t reflect all the battles.

Two games of the three that I lost was extremely close and was literally determined by the final dice roll. Some really epic moments took place and over all I am extremely pleased with how the army performed.

Some highlights was when my havocs striped 11 hull points from a glaive turn one and finish it turn two. Or when my leviathan singlehanded walked through half of an alpha legion army. Or why not when my castellax held the line when 20 assault marines and a veteran squad stormed my fortifications.

I am very tempted to make some small modifications to the list but keep the core and attend more events, using this theme.

I were so into the games that I over the course of the weekend almost didn’t take any pictures. But I got some highlights and permission from others to post some of there’s.

I meet so many nice people and saw so many great looking armies. I would like to thank the organizers and everyone I meet. I had a great time!

You can see even more pictures at our Facebook page and on our website.