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My name is Fredrik.

I started with Warhammer 40k back in -92 -93. Me and my friend found this awesome store that sold small toy soldiers. We got home with the 2th edition start box. He picked Ultramarines I took orks and the war had begun. About 10 years after our first battle. We found us in very different life situations. Teenagers with minds set on other things than metal and plastic men. School, education, job, money and of course girls was the main topic in our new life. So my precious orks went in a box and moved to the basement. Time passes, life change and your priority change with it.

Being in my 30s I one day started to think back on a childhood well spent. And then the questions arises. Why am I not still playing? What happened? Was it impossible to be a grown man, with a stable job and family to engage in a miniature wargames? Was it too late to go back to the grim dark and engage in futuristic battles of the 41st millennium? The conclusion was “Of course NOT”. And the lost commander (me) came back to the gaming table.

Oh boy had 40k changed over the years. The wargaming scene in general had change. I suddenly had hundreds of wargames, factions and armies to pick from. The wargaming business looked like it was booming and there was a great time to be returning to the gaming tables. “Look at the details” “that design is awesome” “great game mechanics” “that looks so cool” “I need to have that”. The first year back could just be summed up in one word “WOW”. I don’t think I have spent so much money so fast before that I did that year. The addiction had me. I swallowed the blue pill and was dragged down in to the abys….or up to heaven (that is more how it felt/feels).

I have now been part of this hobby (again) since 2012. Starting out with necrons. Moving to space marines. Jumped to 30k and horus heresy. Trying out many other games. Warmachine, infinity, malifaux, guild ball to name a few. And I can for sure say I am back for good. I never understood why I went away. But I guess it was something I needed to do.

After slowly selling the concept of me returning to my toy soldiers to my wife to be. I now have my own hobby corner in our big house in the south of Sweden. And after buying a real gaming table even my lovely soulmate have joined me in my hobbies and we regular play malifaux.

Speaking of fun things. My number one thing I love to do is to hang out with my daughter. My baby girl is right now learning to crawl so she is not really ready to swing any dice any time soon. But daddy have a secret plan, how he can combine his two greatest things in the world and reache a whole new level of joyfulness. Like so many things in life this will probably back fire on me. But as long there is hope there is a way.

I hope you will like and enjoy my little corner of the internet.

And please be back to checkout more hobby progress and other hobby related content in the future.  


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