Horus Heresy. Thousand sons

Sometimes you go to bed with a problem and wakes up with the solution.

I have been looking at the burning of prospero box since it came out and have been pondering on the question if I really need it. My iron warriors don’t really need anything from the box and I am only looking to add five more marines to my blackshield list. So why would I buy the new box set? One thing that would be tempting is to actually paint up the box as space wolves and thousand sons. It would be cool to actually have the box as it is intended. It is a nice story and from what I have heard a nice game as well. It would also be a nice way to introduce horus heresy for someone that have never played it. Two small forces from a key part of the overall story. But the problem has been the thousand sons. I love the metallic look of the thousand sons but I don’t own an air brush and did not have a single idea on how to make the color scheme work with a paint brush. Until I woke up this morning that is. So here is a quick test model with the color scheme I dreamed up. So this might just happen. I love the story of the thousand son’s vs space wolves and how tragic the whole conflict became. Two super loyal legions erupt in fire and war. Leading to one of the legions turning traitor or rater forced to become traitors. The whole story I guess is about pride and arrogance from both legions leading up to the conflict.