Horus heresy. Blackshields. Last parts of 2000p. Part3.

Yesterday I for the first time put my blackshields on the gaming tabel and lost sadly. But it was a fun game. It all came down to one charge that i faild leaving my terminators in open for one turn with every gun the nightlords had pointing at the big deathstar. When my terminators feel it all was lost. Looking back at the game i dont think i could have done more then what i did. Everything was going super all the way up to the charge from the terminators. 7" charge with fleet somehow faild and i lost the momentum. Now the list will be getting some changes but overall it will be keept as it is. I will be runing it again before any big changes will take place.

Now first on my list of things to do, is to finish the five blackshields i already started. And after that think of any changes the list will get.