Horus Heresy. Word bearers.

The dawn of 2017 are slowly coming. In 2017 i and my gaming group will do something like a escalation campaign in horus heresy. From 1jan to 31 will be the first 500p pledge. Idea is that this will be runing all year ending late dec 2017 with a great battle and 2000p Horus heresy armys each. Hopefully this will be a nice and easy way for members to get started with horus heresy without feeling it will cost to much at once. A nice and slow campaign. I have been thinking long and hard about my choice and finaly made up my mind about my next horus heresy army. And my choice are Word Bearers. It will be something different from my iron warriors. More organic and exotic feel to it. This dose not mean however, that i will stop adding to my iron warriors or my blackshields. But before jan 1 i wanted to make a test model. Just to try my paint scheme and to get the over all feeling of the army. I now have converted up my first character, an diabolist :) .