Age of Sigmar. Blood warriors.

Age of sigmar! Ah yes this is a very segregated topic among war gamers. Some love the game and some hate it. No matter if you think that age of sigmar is a breath of fresh air or an insult to the once great Warhammer fantasy IP and all of its fans, most of us can agree that the models coming from Games workshop to age of sigmar is absolutely gorgeous. To be honest I am one of those that actually enjoy the game play as well. It is simple, quick and it is something I can enjoy with my spouse.

I must be honest I have never been a fantasy fan. Maybe it is just me but it feel like the fantasy genre have for many years been stuck in the same track. Now I am not just talking about Games workshop products but fantasy in general. There have not been a lot that have separated the different fantasy worlds apart. Now Age of sigmar is not a brand new concept. I have seen this take on fantasy before. But it is less common and I for one likes it.

However even if most new models made for the reboot have been stunning I don’t like the aesthetic of some of them. Chaos have never resonated with me for example. All the gold trimmings and ornaments and well-crafted weapons have felt too sophisticated to come from the melting pot of evil. For me chaos should rater have been more….well…chaotic. Grotesque even.  But this is my opinion and I know many do disagree with me.

When me and my “wife to be” decided to give Age of sigmar a go I let her have the first pick from the start box (after all I am a gentleman). Of course she picked the heroic and awesome looking stormcasts. And I got Chaos ….and all the trimmings…and stuff. I tried as hard as I could to be exited for the task ahead and paint up the 29 models. But after I had finished with the blood reavers I could not bear to start on any more models from the start box. For the first time in my life I settled for grey plastic. I know, that is heresy in its own right and that is something I will put a stop to right now.

Age of sigmar is getting the Generals handbook and I am very excited for this. I have been going back and forth trying to pick a new faction to paint and play but the feeling of leaving something unfinished have stopped me from taking action. So the only way I can allow myself to buy something new for age of sigmar is to paint up the stuff I already have.

Not having the inspiration or feeling exited for this little project I was thinking I would make this quick and dirty. Speed painting all of it as fast as I can. Adopting the phrase “less is more” and burn through the remaining models in blistering speed. That’s the plan any way.

Now when I finally sat down with a new color scheme and finished the first squad in I along time I must say I kind of like it. And might it be a glimpse of inspiration I feel coming? Maybe Chaos will be the faction I will stick to for a while? 

But to be honest this is not going to be the best work I have ever done but that’s not the point. The point is very simple. Put color on the models so I can break down my mental blockade and go on with my life. Despite the lesser quality I hope you will enjoy the result anyway.