Future plans and baby sabotage.

Having a young daughter is some of the best things that have happened to me. Even if you occasionally have hard times as a parent. Like the past nights when my baby girl just won’t sleep and are keeping her parents up through the night. The constant crying have left a ringing in my ear. However, this is small things to pay compared to all the love I feel for her and how much happiness she gives me every day. But the consequences of nights like this is that daddy just can’t find the energy to sit down with his little plastic men. Now I have more or less been working on something every day for one years’ time. I think I can take the day off considering. Right? I do have vacation as well so I will give myself a pass.

But when I can’t paint or build stuff I plan and think of future stuff and I thought I could share some of my future plans with the world.

I have been making a lot of progress on my Iron warriors. A lot of units have been made and tested and slowly I have solidified an idea of how I want my legion to run. But when I take a look at all of my stuff I see a half made legion. Plans I have had before was to get the iron circle, more havocs, a Spartan, big walkers and more cool tanks. Now if would get all of the things I want to get I would not come any closer to making my legion “whole” or complete. So I have decided to start working on my legion with the goal of finishing it. Now this sounds like I will sell it or stop playing with it once I reached my goal. That’s not going to happen. But I want to focus on making the army whole before I start buying more cool units. One of the things that did set these thoughts off was my resent plans of continuing on my mechanicum force. The mechanicum force will absolutely happen but every time I start making plans for it I look at my Iron warriors and feel like I am leaving something un finished and un done. So instead of having two armies that is half finished I will try to finish one of them at a time.

So what do I feel would finish my iron warriors then? Well a close look at my army and I can see that I do lack vehicles and specially transports. Right now my legion walks on to the board and walks off. Now I don’t have a problem with this when it comes to the tactical squads for example. But terminators and breachers on the other hand seems more awkward to just footslog forward. So first thing will be to address this problem and that will mean I need to add land raiders and maybe some rhinos. Now I don’t really like rhinos. I don’t know what it is but I can’t imagen me siting down and making three of them. I become bored just thinking of it. But this is something I need to do. I need rhinos in some of my lists and some of the game benefits is just too good to say no to. So I will start here. Time to mount up! I have more ideas like adding one more predator to finish the squad. Maybe something really dedicated to take on super heavys. I also have one unfinished medusa still not painted up and that one will need a partner. Yeah stuff like that. How long this will take I have no idea. And will I be able to keep my path straight? I doubt it. But I will try to finish my legion so I can feel ready to move on again. So first step will be the rapier crew. This is the week they will be finished!