Horus heresy. Black shield terminators. Part 5

Just a couple of small things to do on the terminators and then we will call it. I really like the look and feel of these models. I am planning on getting my hands on five more terminators of some kind and make this squad ten strong. And in time maybe a Spartan to transport them. The most fun with this project is the converting aspect. So I will start look around for parts for the other five. I think I will base them on Cataphractii but I don’t want them to be plain Cataphractii. I will try to mix armor pieces and/or marks with some other random elements. 

Super fun project I have started here I must be honest. Let’s see how long I will keep this up. It is the usual story with me. I get super exited on one project and work heavily on it until I run out of steam. Then I pause and continue with something els for a while. I don’t mind working like that, but maybe it can look a little chaotic from the outside. At least my blog won’t be the same old thing over and over again. You, just like me, never know what will show up the next day ;)