Horus heresy. Black shields. Land raider. Part 4

So weekend is over and we are back on track with the hobby work again. During the weekend there were also the chance to try battlefield 1 on PS4 and I of cores had to try it. It was a lot of fun I must say. But what was even more fun, was that I got a lot of inspiration for my iron warriors. I have tinkered with an iron warrior list with a WW1 feel to it. Mass infantry, cruel weapons and some odd tanks. I will work on the list some more and post an army list picture when I feel that I have something I want to field.  But the brutal ways of WW1 is really what Iron warriors is all about and I think this list will be both fluffy and effective.

I also made some small progress on my land raider. Looking forward to the week with a lot of hobby work and even some games planed. Let the good times roll.