Frostgrave. Part4. The Pillars.

The rumors proved to be right. Not far from the museum there were a part of the city with six pilars, all holding big treasure cheests on top.

It all did seem like an easy job. Go in take the loot and go back to the base. Even if the siluetts of Seamus crew could be seen on the other side of the city it did not seem like an impossible thing. Gargamels crew spread out and the new addition to the crew was eager to prove him self. The big heavy armoured templar rushed into the city together with two barbariens and with support from Gargamel nothing could go wrong.

But even this treasure hunt was harder then it first did seem. The pilars was not just carved stone monuments. As soon as someone came close to the pilars. The stone came to life and pushed out hard hiting energy. This proved to knock some of the crew members aside. Only way to get to the treasure was to break the stone and fight the pilar as if it was alive.

Azrael took one of the flanks in charge of half of the crew. Keeping the archer back to support Gargamel and the front charge.

Gargamel came runing back just minutes after he had gone though the fog to the otherside of the city. Screaming to Azrael to gather what she could and head back to the base.

The templar had faild. Seamus and his crew had hit him and his support with force. Gargamel had no chance to do anything to help his front and was forced to go back. He left the front without the remaining soldiers, leaving them to the mercy of Seamus crew.

As Gargamels crew members struggeld with getting the treasure from the board something moved in the shadows. A bone dart came flying almost hiting Gargamel between the eyes. He turned his staff and replied the bone dart with one of his own. Something screamed of pain from the shadows and out in the light Seamus him self feel in to view. The green wizard had been stopt. But Gargamel did not have time to celebrate. Seamus crew was coming. Experienced killers was runing from the other  side of the city to put a knife in Gargamels back.

Gargamel almost made it out. But an arrow came flying. The sharp arrow head hit him straight in the back. And he feel in the arms of one of the archers.

He came to life in the comfort of his own bed. Azrael and the rest of the crew had made it out with three treasures and every one was alive. But half of his crew was badly hurt and needs to stay back for the next run. And to make things worse. The treasure cheest did not hold that much treasure as Gargamel had hoped.

Word on town has it that Seamus made it out just fine and so did his crew and they made it out with a lot of treasure. Gargamel needs to get out there again. There are much more treasure in the Frozen city and Gargamel plans to collect as much as he can.