Word Bearers. Gal Varbak. Part1.

Instead of making excuses about how little time I have had for my army's. I could talk about what I have been up to. Right now I am hard at work making my own skirmish game. And that have been taking up most of my time.  

once some artwork are done I will post about it here as well. At the moment am working together with a friend and my lovely lovely spouse. Sorry to say I won't post any of the rules any time soon. We are making the game in Swedish to begin with. It is our first language after all. But as things get developed I am sure we will turn it to a English version as well.

it is super exciting and very time consuming. Right now we have a basic draft of the game and on Saturday we will play test it. I might even blog about.

But of course my wonderful word bearers need some love as well. 

I am finally at a place where I can start working on the good stuff. Some gal varbak. These must be some of the best looking miniatures in the game. I love them. I hope I can make the justice.