Word Bearers. Gal Varbak. Conversion.

So, final project before 2018. Five Gal varbak to increase the squad to ten strong.  

This was quite a project. I love the new death guard models for 40k and wanted to add some to an army. But I do not play 40k at the moment and the death guard models is to corrupted to be normal legion marines. The models are also to small to use as Gal varbak straight of the bat. So I need to make them bigger. After I found five tartaros terminators I came up with the idea of combining the two model kits.

After some work and a lot of green stuff the final results are done. I am happy with the end result and thinks it looks good with the original models from FW.  

Now I have been thinking of getting five more Gal varbak for a small five man/monster squad. I just love theses models. For that unit I think I will get the FW models and try to converter/changes them so they also feel like individuals beside the ten I already own.