Horus Heresy event. Word Bearers. Recap.

So, the event with my 500p word bearer force went great. I learned a lot from this event. What worked good and what worked not so good.

To start off I was very surprised about my cortus contemptor with a plasma cannon. It became my force work horse. Taking out terminators and light vehicles. I did not have big expectations on him. Small blast and gets hot was things that initial pulled me away from the plasma cannon. But at least in 500p I would absolutely recommend it. At 145 points you get an ok contemptor chassis that can deal with everything. Funny moment was however when my contemptor turned its back on a consule and got shoot in the back with a bolt pistol taking out the last hull point.

Having my chaplain rolling on biomancy was super. Every power I got was very handy and being able to use the primaris power, smite made a big difference. Even if it is a S4 power, the ap2 gives it a punch. Being able to target that one terminator squad with it and then shoot and assault the other tactical squad made my force quite flexible.

Hiding two combi-plasmas in the squad also made a lot of difference. First shoot all the bolters and then getting clean shots at that artificer sergeant with 4, S7 ap2 rapid fire shoots was very help full.

All in all I had a great time. So things to take with me from the event.

Take that melta bomb on the sergeant if you have the points. Being able to deal with amour is vital. Even one bomb can make a difference and should not be overlooked. Plasma cannons are a very nice thing to have in any army if you have the slots and points. There are better ways to get ap2 in the force but for 145p and the fact that you have a nice fire base in the contemptor makes it a think to consider at least.

Giving characters combi-weapons is a good thing. Yes, it costs but use it in a smart way and it will earn the points back.

Burning lore and biomancy will be my way going forward. It is not game breaking by any means but it can give my squads that edge it needs to be a force to fear.

Smite with some combi-plasmas are better then what I thought from the beginning. Most opponents neglect the fact that these things are in the force, and as a result they put their terminators out in the opened thinking that the units only threat is bolters. And then you blast them with 4, S7 ap2 shoot. And 4, S4 ap2 Smite shoots. If you get Life leech as well that terminator squad will get 2 more ap 2 shoots at S6 in there face as well. Don’t underestimate combi-weapons or psychic powers. Sure, there are always the chance to fail the shoots, burn your dudes to death or fail the powers. But if you don’t the result will be devastating.

Now work will continue getting my word bearers up to 750p which is the next mark in our campaign.

I will base my army on these thoughts and hope it will add up as the force grows bigger.