Warhammer 40k. 8th edition. Not a review. Game 2.

So, i played my second game of warhammer 40k 8th edition.

I dont really know what to say. Again i had a great time playing with a friend. But the game it self did not add to the enjoyable parts of my game night.

This are some of the thing that i hear from most gamers.

8th have:

Great balance.

Feel more cinematic .

More deadly.

Everything dies.

Infantry is back.

Tanks are playabel.

What bothers me is that i feel the opposite. It is weird. It is like i am playing a different game from everyone els. I came to the gaming table without any expectation and leaves with a feeling of sadness . I am really really trying to like this game. Most players i talk to are so happy about the changes and here i am being that guy that don't get it.

The basic rules are fine. Alot is great, it runs fast and smooth but something is missing for me. Just those extra small rules would take this game a long way.

I dont want this to turn in to a rant simply because thats not me. I have always been the that guy that says "if you don't like it, stop cry about it and play something else".

The only reason why I am still trying is because I love 40k. It is the reason I started with miniature war games to begin with.

So, I will try 8th for a third time. This time I will take an army list built with love. We will also try power levels. This is a feature that I really like.

So my hopes are that with this third game I will be all in on the new edition. Or I just have to accept that 8th is noting for me and go and play another game.