Warhammer 40k. 8th edition. Not a review.

So, i have played my first game of 8th. 1000p of iron warriors faced the mechanicus in an kill point game.

I cant really give a honest review of the game yet. But one thing stand out to me.

I had fun and had a good time, all in all. But i dont really feel that i want to go back and play once more. The game was fast, tactical and bloody. But it did not feel like i was part of it somehow.

War games for me are more then roll dice. You are part of the squads, you see gun fire, hear the roar of the battle cannons. From the first die roll you are part of the battle, like the commander you are suppose to be. But in 8th i just feelt like was playing any game in general. The army are on the table and i am at the side of it and the actions it takes.

It was still fun but it did not leave me with wanting more. What i think breaks it for me are small small things, but that have big impacts. Like my predator that are more or less right behind a big wall. One small part of my hull sticks out and now i can fire all my guns at anything in range. Or that the same predator that got charged, cant unload all the guns at the small dudes he are backing away from. From a game stand point it works. Allow for tactics and hard dicisions. But it makes no sens at all and yous feels stupid to be honest. The tank dont feel like a tank.

Now, i wont judge the game to hard. I have played one game with 1000p . I will try it once more with more points and a different army and see if i cant get "that feeling" once again playing 40k. But i think that GW have cut of to much this time. This might change in the future of corse.

But again, i need to try it once more before i can give my full review.