Warhammer 40k. 8th edition. My final verdict.

I think I have tried 8th edition enough so I can give my final verdict.


And my opinion have sadly not changed from my first game.


There are a lot of good things in 8th. The core rules seem fine to me except for some of the vehicle rules that I feel are to simplify. But that is more a question of taste.


I have more or less been running a very standard space marine list. Some tactical squads in rhinos. Land raider and terminators. Predators or other heavy guns at the back and buffing HQs to give added value for the units in the army. Taking and equipping units for specific tasks and then trying to apply whatever tactics I can muster. Focusing on competent builds with as many command points as I can get.


I never expected to win any of the games. It is after all a very generic space marine list and you can face a lot of stronger builds out there. But I did however expect to do something. Get a good game or two and maybe even challenge some of my opponents.


The best game I had was against ad mech. I got tabeled turn 3. After taking out one knight and a handful of skitarii.


In all games I have played the humble space marine preform poorly against anything I have faced. Power armor don't seem to hold up. Bolters have a hard time to kill anything and the list just seem to have a lot of deadweight in it.


The thing is this. In most games I have scored a lot of objectives and have been in the lead from the start. But all the points in the world can't win me the game if my army gets blown of the table turn 2-3 .


Now I might just have had bad matchups...but then again I was under the impression that bad matchups was a thing of the past. 40k was supposed to be super balanced and play tested. The sad thing is that I have not even faced any broken or abused list with my army. Well okey I faced one list that was broken as hell. But we are not talking about that game any more. But for the most part I faced very generic lists with a little of everything. But no matter what I did I was out gunned from the start. With less power to punch back with from the start it was pretty set to begin with. In every game!


And yes, of course, if I had replaced the ordinary space marines with the cool new primaries and changed some of my HQ for Gulliman or some other power house leader. Replaced some of my heavy guns for big fliers or the awesome new toys just released from GW, the outcome might have been different.


Remember what I said in the beginning. I did not expect to win but to put up a good fight. That's what's really are the problem. I just don't own anything that can bring that level of punch to the gaming table. Half of the index and sadly all the stuff that I own can easily be thrown out of the book. And what would be left are a competent number of units that would be competitive enough to make a handful of fun and powerful lists.


So I feel a little sad to be honest. As it feels right now, if I want to play 40k and have a "good time" I need to invest in an all new army. Even if I just are going to play space marines that I already own tons of. I just don't own the "right" units.


I would normally not react like this to be honest. I never take things to seriously and I still love my painted toy soldiers even if all will sit on the shelf for the rest of my life. I am not a rage quitter.


But it was all this talk from GW that fueled me up. Infantry are valid again. Everything can die. Everything will die. Both army's will only have a handful of models left on the board. Every turn will be brutal for both opponents. Exiting. Best edition ever. 40k are back etc. But from were I am sitting everything that have been said is a straight up lie. What is true is: "buy the new stuff to this new edition and you will enjoy an awesome game". Now that have been the case for 40k for as long as I can remember. So why I get surprised now is beyond me.


I feel that this is turning out to be a straight up rant and I don't want to go down that road.


I will just acknowledge that 40k changed and that is a good thing. It changed in a direction were some army's are awesome and some army's are less awesome. This time it is my turn to feel the cold hand and enjoy a little less glorious army and that is okay. I can always start a new army and join the fun and I don't need to be a big baby about it... Or I can just stick to 30k and all the other games I have and are enjoying and let 40k be for the time being.


So yeah I don't review the game that high from my point of view. But that's just my opinion and I would encourage everyone to try it out. Most people I talk to are really enjoying it and I am happy for that. It will mean that GW will make a lot of money and we will see even more spectacular models in the future. 40k is the classic and should be king of the hill even if I don't play it.


I will however follow the new edition closely. A lot can happen and this is just the beginning. In one year the landscape of 40k might look a lot different.


Let's hope it dose, for me and my small plastic dudes.