Horus Heresy. World eaters. Assault squad. Part 1.

Things happen quickly sometimes. Life can take you by surprise and can change the path you once were sure was the right one. You can resist it and force yourself to bend things too your desires. With risk of failing and be crushed on the rocks. Or you can be like water and follow the stream and go around the obstacle without pain or incident.
Dramatic words for a hobby blog. But my life has had a little bump in the road that I did not foresee, and it have forced me to adapt. This bump has effected all of my life and of course my hobby as well.

My previous plan of going full steam ahead with mechanicum have changed. Yet again my mechanicum force must wait. Hopefully it won’t need to wait until next year but as things have shaped up to be, that’s what I am expecting.

But a life without hobby would feel very dull so new plans had to be made and I have been taking some time to think about the new direction.

2018 will for the most part be about iron warriors. Adding units when I have the chance and play them as much as I can. With that said I have some new projects lined up. Iron warriors will be the primary force this year but I will try to run them with allies and build up additions to the force. Mechanicum works perfect for this with the fact that they are sword brothers with iron warriors. This means I don’t need to add anything to them. I will of course try to expand them during the year as much as I can.

Looking at what have laying around in my hobby cave however I realize I have a chance to build a 2000-2500p astartes force. With the new plan of focusing on iron warriors I started to go through my options. Eventually I landed on world eaters. Also, sword brothers to iron warriors so they work perfectly as allies.

In the beginning of this year me and my gaming group also came up with the fantastic ide of running a mini campaign with militia. The plan is to build a 750p force worth of militia and then duke it out with some milita vs militia action. Militia also being great for iron warriors I start to see the new direction quite clearly.

So, there you have it. Most of my year will probably be adding to iron warriors and build world eaters and milita. And as you can see below I have already stated 😊 .