Blackstone Fortress. Part2

First of all. Wow. The Blackstone Fortress is a wonderful full box filled with goodies. I would honestly say that only the models would be worth the price of the box.

 I love most of the sculpts. A few could have been given some alternative poses. But you know what, that’s being pick. 

All the models is snapp fit and they do fit together perfectly. And with the amount of details, it is an absolute delight to see them all put together. 

This took a long time, there was so many models in this box. My plan for finishing this box until Christmas seems to be way too unrealistic. Specially with a Horus Heresy event coming up early 2019. 

So I will pause the work on this box right now. I need to focus on get my world eaters ready for the event. And I will try to put some time in on Adeptus Titanicus as well before the new year. 

 But here is all the models from Blackstone Fortress, assembled and ready for painting.