Horus Heresy. World eaters. Predators.

Here we have the latest addition to my world eaters force. Two predators with plasma executioners and las cannon sponsons. And one with predator cannon and las cannon sponsons. I have no idea if these 3 will earn there place in the army or fall flat on the face. But they look cool. 

i don’t know why I like the old school predators so much. If I compare the old ones with the new version from Forgeworld I can’t say that the old ones hold up in comparison. But I think it is the nostalgia. I had two old predator back in the day. Loved it to bits. Actually the two predators I have in my iron warriors army is the very same. I have had them since second edition. They have seen hundreds of battlefront and have faced thousands of enemies. It is a nice thought to bring them back in to service again. So with these 3 new (old) predators, time to bring them back in to service ones again. The veterans of the dark millennium!