Horus Heresy. Word Bearers. Tactical support squad.

Finally I have something to post here. It might be easy to assume that my hobby progress have been standing still since last update date. But that is not the case. However, doing things like adding a chain axe here, and doing some highlights there, don’t make for such good blog content.

 I have also been trying out some lists and been playing some games.  

World eaters vs night lords. World eaters vs iron hands. And of course my brethren of steel list vs iron hands. Three very fun games. 

So fun in fact that I don’t know what army I will take for AJAX. If you haven’t heard about it, go check it out:


 I am leaning forward world eaters or word bearers at the moment. My idea is to try a new word bearers list next week and after that try to decide what list and army to take. 

this lead me to this update. A tactical support squad with melta guns. Ironically this unit will not feature in the list for next week. But I wanted to add something for the army so why not some cool dudes with volcanoes on a stick :) .