Word Bearers. Horus Heresy. Tartaros terminator squad.

One more word bearers update. I got bitten by the Lorgar bug ;) .

For anyone new to my blog the two different color schemes in my latest blog posts might look strange. In this case we have the darkest and the brightest examples of my army...the same army.

There is a reason for this and it is deliberate. When I was about to start this army I did what most do, I scavenged the internet for inspiration. And in my quest I found a forgotten treasure. Forgotten by me that is. The picture of John Blanche’s word bearers from the 2th edition chaos codex. I remember how I used to look at that picture for hours. 



I never intended to copy his style but instead be inspired to do something similar but with my own twist. The army I am currently building is the result of this. 

Every unit is painted up slightly different from one unit to the next.  

It is a lot of fun and in my humble opinion, it looks cool and different on the table top :) .