Horus Heresy event. Iron Warriors. AJAX.

So last weekend I attend the new Swedish 30k event, AJAX.

I had a blast comanding my “iron cybernetics”.

I played 5 games in total. I won 1, lost 3 and tied 1.

Sadly the result don’t reflect all the battles.

Two games of the three that I lost was extremely close and was literally determined by the final dice roll. Some really epic moments took place and over all I am extremely pleased with how the army performed.

Some highlights was when my havocs striped 11 hull points from a glaive turn one and finish it turn two. Or when my leviathan singlehanded walked through half of an alpha legion army. Or why not when my castellax held the line when 20 assault marines and a veteran squad stormed my fortifications.

I am very tempted to make some small modifications to the list but keep the core and attend more events, using this theme.

I were so into the games that I over the course of the weekend almost didn’t take any pictures. But I got some highlights and permission from others to post some of there’s.

I meet so many nice people and saw so many great looking armies. I would like to thank the organizers and everyone I meet. I had a great time!

You can see even more pictures at our Facebook page and on our website.