Epic armageddon. Epic Iron warriors.

So next up on my painting table is an epic army!

Back when I first started playing 40k there was this other game that was realest. Epic 40k was the name and as a kid I dreamed of assembling my own epic army and play battles like in all the 40k artwork. 

But back then as a young lad I could never find the money to start a second game system. 

So some 20 years later I find my self in a position to actually start playing this small large scale war game.

A month or so ago one guy started to talk about epic in my local gaming group. He had some epic models and wanted to start playing. Some other guys joined in and now they have been playing a few times.

Added to this there have been talk about adding epic to the venue of some of the Horus Heresy events here in Sweden.  

So with all that going on I could not resist any longer. 

I went out hunting for my very own epic army. 

And now it have arrived at my doorstep.  

I will of course paint them up as iron Warriors (what else is there) but I will run them as normal space marines.  And the fact that one of my friends will be making an imperial guard army with focus on tanks, I am certain well will see a Horus Heresy, Tallarn battle report :D .

Time to start painting!

This will be sooo epic ;) .