Grey Knights. Knights Errants. Kill team. Part1.

I had to pause my Argel Tal project meanwhile I was wanting for some paints I ordered to arrive.

 I have since kill team was released wanted to start a grey knight team. But I could not come up with an angel I wanted to go with. 

 I feel the current grey knight range is a little old, nothing wrong with that, but it didn’t feel like it would make for an interesting kill team. 

 I love when you have a interesting story behind your force, a theme that captures what, why and how. 

Kill team allows for very unique forces, I find it lets you explore small nuances within 40k in ways that would otherwise be difficult with a full blown army.

My grey knights arch’s back to the Horus Heresy. After Istvaan 3 and Horus culling of loyal elements within his own and other traitor legions marks the beginning of the Knights Errants. Lead by Nathaniel Grro and on the orders of Malcador the sigillite the Knights Errants is what later would form the core of the grey knights at the late hours of the Horus Heresy.

The Knights Errants was a hand picked few from both loyal and traitors legions. Individuals that would be considered the best of the best among the Astartes. Devoted to the imperium and the Emperor. 

They were organized in small strike teams or sent off on independent missions individually, linking up with loyal legions fighting an unseen war against chaos. This was a war long before the horrors of the warp was fully known or before the extent of chaos had fully evolved.

My Grey Knight kill team is still part of this secret organization within there secret organization. Operating in much the same way as the Knights Errants of old. Dressed in the armor of the old and early heroes they fight the silent and unseen war against chaos. With relic weapons and the purest of minds they deploy deep within enemy lines and bring the wrath of the emperor to the enemy of man.

 The most fun about this little project was to keep within the boundaries of Horus Heresy and the army list of the Knights Errants. Giving the team the correct gear for that timeline as well as equipped them according to the kill team army list.  

This is why, for example, why they have Combi bolters instead of storm bolters. 

Right now I will finish these five members but I have plans for five more and some terminators.