Iron Warriors. Horus Heresy. Perturabo.

The Swedish Horus Heresy event, AJAX 2 is around the corner. In three weeks I will be taking my armored breakthrough list to battle and it will be lead by no other than Perturabo.  

In preparation for the event I took out my primarch to touch up his color scheme a bit.  

This is the first model I painted for Horus Heresy and I feel like a lot have happened with my painting skills between then and now.  

For some time now I have been considering to buy a new model of Perturabo and paint it to whatever standard I can pull off now.  

But eventually I decided not to do that. I am a bit of nostalgic person. This model mark the beginning of my first steps with the my Iron Warriors and Horus Heresy. It might not be the best painted model in the world, the coat of paint is to thick, the face is messy, the model is poorly assembled, but it is my favorite in my whole collection. 

With some oil wash and highlights I feel he looks good enough to take part of the event :) .