Horus Heresy. Building corner. Part 1

So. There is summer in Sweden. And that means that we sweds have a couple of months on us to suck up all the sun and nice weather we can before the coming winter. Now my vacation is in about 2 weeks’ time but my wife she is home on parent leave with our daughter. She got really tired of the bad weather we have been getting in our region so she packed her things and our daughter and went to the coast and the sun. Awesome idea from her part, no need to stick around at home were the weather is bad when you can go on a little adventure and have some nice days in the sun. I am still back home working, well during the day that is. Evenings will now be devoted to hobby time. I have a lot of upcoming projects mostly for Horus heresy. And I was thinking of getting a lot of things built and hopefully primed before my family comes home again.

What is on the building table is: Six rapiers, three laser destroyers and three quad mortas. Now this is going to be a mix between conversion, proxy and the real thing. I think it is easier to show you what I mean when it all is built. And lastly we have the rest of the black shield mouroder squad. I will start with the rapiers and go on from there. Hopefully I will get a lot of stuff built the coming evening. Wish me luck.