Horus Heresy. Building corner. Part 2

I did not get as much done yesterday as I original had planned. After work, gym and dinner my energy levels were all time low. Now I still dragged me to the hobby table to get some progress done any way. So many things that I am super exited for so I can’t help myself. But I did not do a all-nighter. Just an hour of cleaning up mold lines and some gluing.

Here are the result of last night’s labor. I say labor be course cleaning mold lines is by far the most un exiting think in this hobby. It looks great when it is done. But the road there is back breaking.

I finally put the kheres assault cannon on one of my contemptors. I have had this assult cannon since charismas but I just never got around to put it on the contemptor, until now that is.

I also manage to build one of my rapier quad laser destroyers. Here you can see the idea I had combining the ebay cannon platform with an ordinary rapier gun. I think it looks really cool. Almost like some mechanicum construction. Now I will be magnetizing the gun part on this one so I easily can swap guns on it and make sure I can put together three regular rapiers as well. I don’t know how a tournament would judge this model. If it is ok to field it or not. But just to make sure I always can bring some type of rapier I will make it so that I can put together the original model again. Now I don’t think it would be any problems in tournaments but you never know, better to be safe than sorry I guess.

The work continues, let see how much I will be able to finish tonight.