Horus Heresy. Word Bearers. Land Raider.

In the beginning of October it is time for our next step in my gaming groups small escalation campaign. This time we are up to 1500p. I have been unsure about what army I should bring. Word bearers was the army I committed too in the beginning of the year. But after I have played with them a couple of times i have felt unsure about the army. I almost made up my mind about it all and pretty much put my word bearers on hold. But after I have had some time to think about it I kind of want to finish what I started. Trying to focus on making a beautiful army above anything els. The fact that I am not that far away from 2000p kind of motivates me to continue as well.

what I have had problems with is a little lore and a little game play related. I see my self as a medium bad guy when it comes to games. And have a hard time to relate to the word bearers super villain status. I also wanted to make a smaller army. Not having masses of infantry and bodies thrown at the enemy. More a smaller foot print army featuring a lot of monsters. Now this tactic have not been to successful and that is okay I guess, even if you don't want to give the game to our opponent before the first dice have hit the table.  

But playing with lists and trying to come up with something a little more hard hitting a realized that word bearers probably want to be a mass infantry army supported with big guns and monsters. Tip of the day is too understand what you committ to before committing.

Any way, I like to look of the army and I will continue to finish what I started. Once finished I can always take the army in the direction were it excels. 

A lot of words to describe that I like what I do and will continue to do it :) .