Horus Heresy. Black shields. Warhounds.

I started my black shields right after book 6 was released. I love the freedom and the creativity it enables. From the beginning I made up my own lore and story about my force. And got a couple of games in with them. I really liked them on the table top but despite that I never really played with them on a regular basis. 

The problem I had was simply my own lore and explanation for their existence. Not until I read betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden I got the idea that would make me come back to my black shields and continued what I once started.

In betrayer you follow word bearers and world eaters as they burn through the ultramar system. In that story there is a world eater dreadnought that are "summoned" at times of need. So thanks for this he gets a good picture of how the world eaters have changed over time. From the time when they were called warhounds until the world eaters that they are after istvaan.  

It is never spoken out loud but it seems like not everyone are on board with Angrons ways and the dreadnought heavily implies that the world eaters lost there honor and sense of brotherhood. It never gives an example but the feeling you get is that there could be world eaters that deserts ther own legion and leave the slow deterioration of there own legion.  

Endryd Haar who is a named character in books 6 further supports this idea because he is listed as an renegade world eater. And follow the story that are emplied in the book betrayer.

So with that I decided to change my black shield force, from an unknown space marine element to renegade worlds eaters and warhounds.  

The force will still use the black shield rules. The only thing that have changed are color scheme and story. 

i feel really excited about this and are making some small plans on how I will continue with this force. 

The force will of course be lead by Endryd Haar and I will build the rest of the force around this idea.