Horus Heresy. World Eaters. Stormlord.

I added a little something to my murder hord.

 The Stormlord! Since I found out about this tanks existence I have wanted it. 

It took a couple of years for me to find the “right” application for it. Now I am well aware about the dangers of putting loads of guys on this thing and driving it forward the enemy. The implications when this thing blows up is devastating. But it looks to cool to not use. And the dangers adds to the excitement.

 However I do think that the tank can be put to good use. Just don’t fill it up with everything you got. Try to find cover when ever you can. And get up in the face as quick as possible.

For any Horus Heresy veterans out there you have probably already seen that this tank have loads of Aquila’s on it. And most people don’t like that. I however view it in a different way. First of all, this is a war hounds stormlord. The Aquila’s is left from loyalist times. Don’t mess with stuff that can upset the machine spirit.

Second, I have a hard time imagining world eaters really carrying about it. If they would have any opinions about it I am sure they would see it as an insult to loyalist scums ;) .