My own skirmish game. Kuggköping. Twiddle root gang.

For about a year now, me, my spouse and a friend is working on a skirmish game. 

It is a very free and opened game, set in the city of Kuggköping. The “development” of the game is on its third revision and there is still a lot more to be done. But once it’s ready to be shared I will try to spread it here alongside other platforms.

 I don’t feel to share to much about the actual game right now due to the fact that the game can change dramatically between now and its “release”. But I can however talk a little about why.  

Why would you put yourself through the long and hard process of creating your own game? Being a big consumer of miniature games you come across a vast multitude of rules. I would say that every ruleset I have come across have all had some very good parts and of course some bad ones as well.

We started to talk about how cool wouldn’t it be if this set of rules had rules just like that other game. Or why didn’t they added this feature to this game.  

Wish listing and hopping that the next edition would add something like that. For different reasons whatever company never did add those features or changed the rules like we had hoped. 

So why not do it our self? Add all the stuff we like, come up with our own way of doing things and wrap it all in a setting of our own choice. 

And that is what we started to do. Main focus is to create something that we enjoy. If we know what we like and have the total freedom to create whatever we want, then we would be able to create something that we would think is great. Our own “go to game” .

That was the theory. The process of creating something that you like is however much harder. For one we discovered that we only had a basic understanding of what we actually like. And then it is not just up to us. You need some one to play with. The reality of life and all is complexity finds its way into what on the surface seems like a simple concept. 

 But the game will happen and it will be done.  Small steps forward is still steps forward.

So let me introduce one of my war bands for Kuggköping. Twiddle root and his gang of trolls, oh and Oscar.  



In front: Twiddle root and Trigger. 


In front: Trigger, Squeeze and Sniff  


In front: Sproute and Oscar.