World Eaters. Berzerker assault. 2500p. Battle for Hive city. AJAX event 2019.

The first event of the year is over and I had a great time.

Lovely looking army’s and great people.

The event was fought over the hive city of AJAX prime. Unfortunately the loyalists crushed us traitor’s with flying colors. But it was a good massacre on both sides in any case.

I had three awesome games. First against iron hands. I charged in and hit his lines with everything I got. But the immortals proved to stubborn and hardy to push back. After a couple of rounds of combat, Kharn broke with his squad and fled. Only to be shot to pieces from the rapier battery’s shortly after. The first loss was a fact and only the Sicaran stood defiant against the iron hands machines, with no chance for me to hold any object.



Second game was a double. My world eaters joined an alpha legion mechanize force (armoured breakthrough list). We where up against salamanders and custodies alliance, supported of an emperors children’s armoured breakthrough list. Due to special mission rules we took the alpha legion force in reserve and where able to roll for them from turn one. Also all troop choices went into ongoing reserves once they where all destroyed. I didn’t not fancy my chances when my army was face to face with the armored front of the enemy force. But there was only one way forward in order to claim the objectives. So in true world eater fashion I charged forward.

This was an absolute blast. My marines zigzagged between tanks, mines and gunfire. Vehicle exploding, dragging down one man here and one man there. Slowly working there way to the front, assaulting anything in range.  Nothing of this would have been possible without my alpha legion support. Clearing the way for my angry killers and dealing with the heavy guns of the enemy. The game ended in a draw. How ever unlikely it sounds, I didn’t lose a single unit. Great game!



Third game was against custodies and sisters of silence. This was also a game I was sure to lose. My mission was to get as many units up on a landing platform on the final game turn. Randomly the game turns was determined and was only known to me. The mission also rewarded kill points.

Custodies is hard to kill and is packing some serious firepower as well as being able to swing it in close combat. Being the limited tactician I am, I charged his lines as hard I could. Trying to bait some of his units into some sort kill zone. Trying to buy myself time before the evacuation could take place.

My plan worked better then I could have hoped. Even if Kharn was killed after a long dragged out combat, I got two units evacuated in turn 5. On top of this I won on kill points. To my surprise I had out gunned the golden boys and in the end, not much of his force was left standing. It was bloody, intense and brutal. A major victory for the glory of Horus.



This was a really great event, with a lot of cool moments. Thanks to everyone I played with and against. Great sportsmanship, great atmosphere, great friends.

Thank you to Växjö spelförening and to the Dirty K community and organizers. See you all next time! 

Here is the list I took:

++ WE Ajax [2498pts] ++

+ HQ +

Kharn the Bloody [190pts]: Legacy of Blood

Primus Medicae [135pts]: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs, On Foot, Power Weapon, Refractor Field

. Chainsword or Combat Blade: Combat Blade

. Consul: Primus Medicae

. Power Weapon: Power Axe

+ Elites +

Apothecarion Detachment [70pts]

. Apothecary, Legion: Jump Pack, Power Armour, Power Sword

+ Troops +

Assault Squad, Legion [403pts]: 15x Assault Space Marines, Legion

. Additional Wargear: Melta Bombs, Power Axe, 2x Power Sword

. Assault Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist

Tactical Squad, Legion [280pts]: Augmented Inductii, 19x Tactical Space Marines, Legion

. Additional Wargear: Vexilla, Legion

. Tactical Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist

Tactical Squad, Legion [220pts]: Rhino Armoured Carrier, Legion, 9x Tactical Space Marines, Legion

. Additional Wargear: Additional Chainswords/Combat Blades, Vexilla, Legion

. Tactical Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs, Power Fist

+ Heavy Support +

Predator Strike Armoured Squadron, Legion [540pts]

. Predator Tank, Legion: Executioner Plasma Destroyer, Extra Armour, Lascannon Sponsons, Machine Spirit

. Predator Tank, Legion: Executioner Plasma Destroyer, Extra Armour, Lascannon Sponsons, Machine Spirit

. Predator Tank, Legion: Lascannon Sponsons, Machine Spirit, Predator Cannon

Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank [290pts]: Heavy Bolter Sponsons

. Twin Arcus launcher: Neutron-flux Warheads, Pyrax Warheads, Skyspear Warheads

Spartan Assault Tank, Legion [370pts]: Armoured Ceramite, Flare Shield, Quad Lascannon Sponsons x2, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

+ Allegiance +

Legion and Allegiance: XII: World Eaters, Traitor

Rite of War: Berserker Assault

++ Total: [2498pts] ++

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