​2018. GG thank you for playing.

2018 is coming to a close and with that I sit down and take a look at the past year and look forward to the coming lap around the sun.

2017 ended with high hopes and a well sorted plan. 2018 started with drama and changes, both to my hobby and my life in general.

But despite some hardship, hobby wise I managed to accomplish quite some things.

The main focus have been to build my world eaters, a force that today is about 4000p and growing. This was never part of the original plan for 2018. But I am very happy I were able to make this force happen. In a couple of days I will take this army to its first event and I feel really excited about it.



I were able to make the final push with my mechanicum army and it stands on 3500p currently.




Original I was supposed to focus on this force for the main part of 2018. Even if that didn’t workout in the end, the bulky robots have seen plentiful of action. Specially with my Bretheren of Steel army list for iron warriors.


On top of this I have added small additions to my word bearers as well as for my Iron Warriors.

So, what is the plan for 2019? The events of early 2018 still colors many of my decisions when it comes to my hobby and I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. It have forced me to plan a little more, to stay focused and not follow every little impulse I get. For the coming year I will try to to focus my efforts even more in one direction, very much as I have been doing 2018.

The beginning of the new year will be to continue with my World Eaters. I still have some units on my hobby desk that I will add to the army. Then of course I want to add red butchers and Angron him self to the force, at some point.

So the main focus this year will be on my World Eaters mainly. At least for the first half. I just really enjoy playing them and painting them.

I do however have plans for both word bearers and mechanicum as well.

For my word bearers I have a specific list I am working on. Nothing fancy but a simple thematic concept that is in line with my original vision for my word bearers force. Half of the units for this list is already purchased. If nothing drastic happens, the final purchase will happen in the end of January. I hope to have this force ready before the new HH black book comes out. I have a strange feeling that I might want to add some daemons to the force once the new book comes out ;) .



For mechanicum I simply wish to continue the slowly expanding force. I hope I can take the army out for some games in the future. But it is a far to expensive army for me to fully commit all time and resources to.

For Iron Warriors I have tried to figure out a direction to work with. But in all honesty it saddens my bitter heart, that I am a little burned out on them at the moment. I love iron warriors but after playing them for many years I am lost of ideas where to go next. I just need them to rest until I get back that “feeling” again.

Furthermore I will try to make a strong push for Adeptus Titanicus. Firstly I will paint up the warlords and knights I already own. And after that make plans for my next addition. Hopes is to play some games next year and get more people involved with this great game.

Killteam will also be a feature for the next year and I have some models waiting to be painted. I truly like what GW have done with this game and I would love to see even more support for it.

With the resent reveal of bad moon clan Grots, for Age of Sigmar I just need to get some big nasty trolls. I truly enjoy AoS, it is not the best game in the world. But the miniatures looks fantastic and the game is fun in a very simple way. The gaming scene in my area have grown and I don’t feel that it is impossible to find gaming buddies for this game in the future.

My own little skirmish game will also be getting some attention. Hopefully I can get to a point where we will see a alpha release here on the blog. It would be great to get some feedback on the game.

I am also working on yet another game parallel to this. A simple army game with some twists and “original” takes. What will be released first is up in the air.

Other then this, I really hope we will see malifaux 3th edition, World eaters for 40k (even if I don’t play) and battle fleet gothic re-released. And I would love to see yet another skirmish level game, released by GW as well. A game with the crunchyness like Adeptus Titanicus, size of a small game of 40k and with full support. Themed around the age of strife or the unification wars. I know this is truly wishing upon a star. But if I get to dream ;) .

So with all this said I wish everyone a wonderful end to 2018 and an amazing start of 2019. Let the hobby be strong with you. Remember to paint all the minis and stay classy around the gaming table.